Riders urged to take responsibility for their actions

One of the leading voices in the motorcycle industry is calling on riders to respect Government advice on essential travel.

In an open letter issued on 24 April, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) praises most riders for only using their bike to make essential journeys – and doing so in a responsible manner.

However, it says that some riders are failing to comply – and warns that this behaviour could have a detrimental effect on motorcycling’s place ‘in the future transport mix’.

The letter reads: “As riders, we all have a responsibility to motorcycling, if it is to survive without restrictions.  

“We know that bikes and scooters are perfect for self-isolation, but what if you have a breakdown or a puncture? You’ll probably need the help of someone to sort the problem.

“If you haven’t ridden over the winter, you may be a bit rusty. It’s easy to get over-confident when the sun is shining and traffic is light, so what happens if you pitch off?  

“Police, recovery truck, paramedics all involved. And you may have noticed that the NHS is a little preoccupied at the moment and could probably do without any self-inflicted cases taking up beds.

“For the good of motorcycling and its place in the future transport mix, let’s all stick to the rules on this.”

In the letter, the MCIA also praises motorcycle and scooter riders for ‘showing their true worth’ – delivering items such as medical supplies and food, as well as taking care of self-isolation on key workers’ commutes.

27 April 2020

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