2Wheels London works with businesses across the Capital to help reduce risks for employees who ride powered two-wheelers (PTWs).

There are strong ethical and business reasons - and practical safety reasons - why employers should get involved in promoting safer riding on PTWs among their employees.

It makes sense to promote health and safety and good practice in everything your employees do - including their commute to and from work, and any riding they do in the course of carrying out their work

Promoting safer riding will also set your business apart as one that makes the health and wellbeing of its employees a priority.

So how can you get involved?
There are a number of practical, common-sense steps that can be taken to reduce the risk faced by PTW riders.

  • Clothing - if you see an employee dressed in normal office wear on their ride to work, perhaps you could have a conversation with them about the lack of protection this would provide in the event of a collision?
  • Skills and training - do you know if they have the basic skills required to handle a bike or scooter and, if not, could time be found during the working day for them to attend a basic bike skills course?
  • Documentsis their PTW correctly insured etc?
  • Maintenance – and has it been regularly serviced and maintained?

For more information on all the above points, sign up to receive our free 2Wheels London toolkit, which contains resources to help keep your employees safer on London's roads.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The 2Wheels London team

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