2 Wheels London at NRSC2018

2WL's Debbie Huckle presenting at the 2018 National Road Safety Conference in Brighton.

Highways England - Distressed

Video highlights the real cost of not wearing protective clothing - more...


Better braking can save lives

A new campaign by the British Superbike School is targeting improving braking techniques among the nation’s riders. The campaign – which is directed at riders of all bikes, at all sizes and levels – comes after research highlighted that improving braking skills could help lower casualty figures. The ‘Brake for your Life’ campaign says that...

"Better braking can save lives"More...

New Hazard Perception Test

An exciting new project has been launched that could take the training and testing of new bike riders to the next level. The National Young Rider Forum is working on the development of a motorcycle-specific hazard perception test, to be tailored specifically to the needs of young riders. Currently, all riders looking to gain their...

"New Hazard Perception Test"More...

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