‘Shocking speeds’ on London’s roads

Motorcyclists are being reminded of the importance of sticking to speed limits during the coronavirus pandemic – with less traffic on the Capital’s roads leading to a rise in average speeds.

Figures from TfL show average speeds in some areas have increased by more than 50% – while the Met Police have recorded ‘shocking speeds of over 130mph’ during enforcement activity.  

While statistics point to a 68% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously, data also shows when collisions occur, they are more likely to be serious or fatal – with drivers and motorcyclists showing the least significant fall in the most severe injuries.

Seven people died on London’s roads between 20 March and 9 April, including three motorcyclists and a cyclist.

TfL says dangerous driving and riding is ‘putting additional strain on the NHS’ – and is reminding all road users that the speed limit always applies.

Suptt Andy Cox, from the Met’s Roads and Traffic Policing Command, said: “With the impact of COVID-19 taking effect, we are seeing less congestion on London’s roads. 

“However, evidence is emerging that this has led some drivers to drive at extreme speed, risking their life and that of other road users. For example, we’ve recorded 134mph in a 40mph zone.

“All enforcement zones have seen a rise in driving speeds. This includes 20mph zones where many key workers are walking or cycling. 

“Such behaviour is totally unacceptable and speeding increases the risk of a serious collision which will further impact on the NHS, fire and police services, abstracting them from working on COVID-19-related issues and potentially depriving patients of access to intensive care facilities and medical care. 

“With this in mind, our roads policing officers are actively patrolling priority roads across London and robustly enforcing ‘Fatal 4’ offences.”

15 April 2020

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