Cars drivers must insure their vehicle to travel on the roads. Cyclists don’t. But what about those riding mopeds, scooters and motorbikes?

Don’t be tempted to think that just because you’ve got two wheels like a pedal cyclist, the road laws don’t apply. Even a 50cc moped rider needs to take out insurance, something many younger riders don't realise.

The minimum cover required is third party insurance: it will cover you for injuries or damage you do to other parties. Adding fire and theft to your policy gives you more cover.

This is the minimum level of cover you must have: riding without third party insurance can lead to points on your licence, a hefty fine and your beloved bike being impounded and potentially crushed by the police.

Fully comprehensive is the most expensive insurance option, which covers repairs to your motorbike after an accident even if no other parties were involved.

If you are aged under 21 years and riding a moped or scooter, expect to pay around £200 for fully comprehensive, less for third party, fire and theft. Move up to a bigger bike and the premiums rise: a 250cc will set you back more than £400, and as the ccs rise, so do the premiums.

Premiums go even higher if you get your licence endorsed - for speeding, going through red lights or for careless or dangerous riding. Keeping your licence clean is the best way to drive down the cost of owning a scooter, moped or motorbike.

You’ll also receive a ‘no claims’ discount if you ride for a year without making a claim on your insurance - if you ride sensibly you’ll soon start to see the benefits in your wallet or purse.

Other ways to get the best insurance deal include storing your bike in a locked garage or shed so it's at less risk of being stolen.

And don't forget to shop around - the comparison websites are good ways to get the best deal, but make sure you tell them all the relevant details; and always be truthful when applying for insurance.

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