Survey seeks to understand ‘dynamics of motorcycle crashes’

Riders who have been involved in a collision in the last 10 years, are being invited to take part in a new survey.

The survey, which seeks to establish the dynamics of motorcycle crashes, is being carried out by a team of analysts from across the globe – including the UK researcher, Dr Elaine Hardy.

Click here to take part in the survey. None of the questions are mandatory and responses are anonymous.

The new survey expands on a 2016 pilot study which found that the correlation between speed and serious injuries was random and indicated that riders overwhelmingly recognised the risk of injury and thus wore protective clothing and helmets.

This time the survey looks at motorcycles with and without anti-lock braking system (ABS) in order to provide a comprehensive comparison of braking systems.

The survey will remain live for six months and the researchers aim to produce a report on its findings by the beginning of 2020.

A press release to mark the launch of the survey reads: “From a rider’s perspective, we are constantly being criticized for speeding, being risky or being responsible for our own crashes and injuries.

“But we know that it’s not that simple, in fact it’s complicated and it would be really helpful to understand what happens, how it happens and why it happens.

“There are numerous factors that need to be considered in all crashes and it’s time that you, the rider, gave your perspective about the circumstances.”

09 May 2019

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