MAG launches ‘Filter Friendly’ campaign on Ride to Work Day

As riders across the world celebrate Ride to Work Day, a new campaign has been launched asking drivers to look out for – and give space to – filtering motorcyclists.

Ride To Work Day is an annual event which aims to encourage more people to commute on two wheels by highlighting the associated benefits.

The 2020 event, which takes place today (15 June), comes at a time when the motorcycle industry is lobbying the Government to officially encourage the use of PTWs as an alternative to public transport during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), which promotes the campaign in the UK, has used Ride to Work Day to launch a new safety campaign aimed at drivers.

The Filter Friendly campaign sets out the reasons why drivers should look out for – and give space to – filtering motorcyclists.

MAG also wants to use Ride to Work Day as an opportunity to kick-start a wider conversation about the time, cost and environmental benefits of two wheels.

It points to study which suggests a 10% modal shift from cars to motorcycles would reduce congestion for all road users by 40% – with a 7.5% reduction on CO2.

MAG says with the added benefit of a Covid-19 transmission-safe trip, there are many gains that can be made by an increased number of commuters choosing two wheels and a motor.

Colin Brown, MAG’s director of campaigns and political engagement, said: “Planning for this year’s event has inevitably been impacted by the virus.

“But, equally, the need for social distancing has actually increased the need for this awareness day. Motorcycles are a perfect solution for socially distanced commuting, particularly for those commuters displaced from public transport.

“If cycling and walking are not viable, the scooter and motorcycle can provide a more environmentally sound option than the car for many.”

15 June 2020

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