Lembit Öpik pens blog for 2WL

In a new blog post for 2Wheels London, the former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Öpik calls for Highways England to ‘take a bow’ in respect of the work it does to improve motorcycle safety.

Lembit Öpik is now the director of communications and public affairs for the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading riders’ rights organisation. Born in Northern Ireland, he has been riding motorbikes since 1980, and has campaigned on pro-biking matters since 1997.

In his blog post, Lembit talks about his dealings with Highways England’s National Motorcycle Working Group – labelling it an ‘exemplar of effectiveness’.

The aim of the working group is to ensure that the interests of the riding community are included in Highways England’s activities – extending to everything from road surface to signage.

Lembit Öpik said: “Highways England really do want to create the most suitable road environment for all users, and it’s a delightfully refreshing change to be valued on equal terms to other vehicle operators.

“In fact, it’s so good I always look forward to these meetings because we make significant progress at each one.”

He goes on to summarise some of the main items covered during the group’s last meeting – including road surfaces, tailgating, crash barriers and road works.

He describes ‘Vision Zero’ as a ‘ludicrous intention’ – adding that those who claim it is achievable are the ‘same sort of fanatics who wish to ban powered vehicles and make us all walk and cycle’.

Lembit concludes by describing Highways England as ‘one organisation I’m willing to defend publicly as very talented and on top of their brief’.

17 December 2018

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