Concerns over motorcycle safety in London

Transport for London is keen to ‘urgently’ work with the Government to improve the motorcycle licencing system following a spike in deaths among young riders.

Five fatalities in recent weeks mean 16 riders have now been killed on the Capital’s roads in 2019 – compared to 11 during the same period in 2018.

TfL says it wants to work with the DfT to improve the licensing system for moped and motorcycle riders, including discussing a requirement for pre-compulsory basic training (CBT), new training for motorcycle instructors and a two day CBT.

Alongside the Met Police, TfL is also working with campaign groups to reach out to riders and publicise the range of training courses on offer.

Stuart Reid, director of Vision Zero at TfL, said: “We need everyone in London, regardless of how you’re travelling, to take more care on the roads and be aware of the people around you.

“We’re reducing road danger for motorcyclists and all other road users in London, by making junctions safer, working with the police to enforce dangerous driving, lowering speed limits and offering a range of motorcycle and cycle training courses, but we really need everyone to play a role.”

Higher risk for riders in London?
One organisation working with TfL is the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) – who recently published analysis showing riders in the Capital face higher risks than those across the country.

The analysis highlighted ‘stark contrasts’ between PTW casualty trends in London and other regions – with motorcycling becoming less safe.

Colin Brown, director of campaigns and political engagement at MAG, said: “The numbers of motorcyclists being killed and seriously injured on the streets of London is highly distressing.

“MAG are committed to working with TfL to arrive at evidenced based solutions and policies to reduce these statistics.

“Motorcyclists are a vulnerable road user group and deserve as much consideration when it comes to safety as anyone else. It is imperative that the knowledge, experience and opinions of riders are fully embraced if progress is to be made in reducing the risks and saving lives.”

16 July 2019

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