Bikes serve dual-purpose for majority of London’s riders

Three quarters of the Capital’s motorcyclists ride for both pleasure and commuting, a new survey suggests.

In the survey, carried out by 2Wheels London (2WL) as part of a competition, 75% of riders who responded said they use their machine for both purposes.

21% of respondents ride solely for pleasure, while only 4% ride purely for commuting.

The survey also collected details of what machines people are riding – with 70% saying a bike in excess of 300cc.

125cc scooters/bikes were the second most popular (20%), followed by 150-300cc scooter/bike (8%) and 50cc moped/scooter (2%).

The survey, published today (11 Nov), is the latest in a series designed to help 2Wheels London build a picture of motorcycling in the Capital.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that 67% of London’s motorcyclists believe wearing protective clothing in all weather is the best way to stay safe while out on the road.

This was followed by ‘looking twice when approaching a junction’ (22%) and ‘keeping your distance from the vehicle in front’ (11%).

Liz Brooker MBE, chair of 2Wheels London, said: “While our competition surveys are essentially light hearted, the findings are proving both interesting and useful in helping us to build a picture of the motorcycle scene in London.

“We look forward to announcing the winners of our autumn competition before the festive break.”

11 December 2018

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