August PTW registration stats ‘buoyant’

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) says 2021 ‘continues to astonish’, after publishing its latest figures for the registrations of new powered two-wheelers (PTWs).

The statistics show there were 8,607 new registrations in August 2021.

The MCIA says while in direct comparison to 2020 slightly down, the year-on-year comparison is not straightforward due to the impacts of COVID. 

It adds that the August market exceeded expectations, performing well ahead of the last ‘normal’ year – with a 24% growth from August 2019.

Meanwhile, the first eight months of 2021 are now tracking at a positive 17.5% compared to the previous year. 

Unlike 2020 where the market was dominated by small commuter and last mile delivery products, 2021 is experiencing an ‘amazing bounce-back across all sectors’, including large capacity motorcycles that are predominately used for leisure and sport.

In addition, the fully electric market continues to deliver ‘incredible growth’, showing a year-on-year rise of nearly 200%. 

Tony Campbell, chief executive of the MCIA, said: “I am running out of words to use that describe the market growth we are experiencing.

“As the new way of life settles down into some sort of normality, our customers are really appreciating the positive impact on their daily travel this sector can offer. 

“We look forward to supporting Government in expanding this further still as the way we move will surely change in the coming years.”

16 September 2021

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