Skills on the menu for gig economy riders

Skills on the menu for gig economy riders

UK fire & rescue services put the focus on gig-economy and leisure riders for this year’s 2024 National Motorcycle Safety Week, which ran from June 3-9.

The week, which was organised by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), was looking to reduce motorcycle casualty numbers. Motorcycles make up around 1% of  road traffic, but it is estimated in 2023 accounted for 20% of road fatalities and around 12% of road casualties in Great Britain.

As part of the week, the NFCC signposted ‘informal’ riders to a host of safety and rider improvement schemes.

The number of gig economy riders are on the rise as more people opt for home deliveries of takeaways and other convenience goods, but the emergency services are concerned that too many gig riders are poorly trained – if at all – and opt for riding a scooter or moped around the city without considering the safety implications or risks involved.

Among the websites promoted during the week were:

RoSPA - Skill Up: a site dedicated to advising novice riders on everything from CBT, what to were and practical tips on safe riding.

Ridefree: Part of the Department for Transport Safe Driving for Life campaign, this is a free online training course to be completed before taking moped or motorcycle compulsory basic training.

More at

The Enhanced Rider Scheme: The DVSA’s enhanced rider scheme checks motorcycle riding skills and provides training to help motorcyclists to improve.

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BikeSafe Workshops: This is a national, police-run motorcycle initiative aimed at working with motorcycle riders in a relaxed environment to raise awareness of the importance and value of progressing on to accredited post-test training.

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Biker Down: This Biker Down offers motorcyclists the ability to train in essential life skills, for free, and gain the knowledge to help them cope should they encounter or be involved in a road traffic collision.

More at

The advice to all gig economy riders is, there is loads of advice and training out there that will give you practical tips to make your working days pass by safely. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way; gain the skills, know the laws, avoid the risks.

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