Road designers should pay more attention to motorcyclists: LTP

A leading independent transport consultancy is calling for a greater focus on motorcycling when roads are being planned and designed (Transport Network).

Local Transport Projects (LTP) – which provides transport planning, traffic engineering and highway design services – made the call having authored the Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook on behalf of TfL.

The TfL guide has been produced to help highways practitioners address highway infrastructure issues affecting motorcyclists in the capital. TfL is using the handbook to incorporate features into existing and future projects, and is promoting it to traffic authorities and designers in other parts of the UK.

Andy Mayo, LTP director, said there is potential for motorcycling to ‘increase substantially’, while at the same time expressing concern over figures which show that motorcycles account for 21% of road fatalities in the UK, despite only accounting for around 1% of all traffic.

Mr Mayo told Transport Network: “This really needs to change. To put this into context, in 2015 there were 387 cyclists killed or seriously injured on London’s roads, for a mode share of 2%, compared with 540 motorcyclists and a 1% mode share.”

Click here to read the full Transport Network story.

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