NYRF launches the New Rider Hub

A one-stop-shop for new and young powered two-wheeler (PTW) riders has been launched, in an effort to help them safely navigate life on the road.

The New Rider Hub has been created by the National Young Rider Forum (NYRF), as one the recommendations of its research project titled ‘Understanding Young Riders’, published in 2021.

The project concluded that “the creation of a website or app aimed at young riders with key and accurate information regarding the different tests and what they can and cannot do, and lots of quick videos on maintenance would be extremely helpful.”

The website – which has been designed in a mobile-friendly way – contains a host of east-to-digest information on a broad range of subjects from the CBT test, other training, maintenance, security and insurance.

Several of the other recommendations in the report are also linked to the new website such as engaging with the gig economy and promoting online theory-based and hazard perception resources.

There is also the facility for riders to directly ask questions to NYRF experts.

Philip Seccombe, chair of the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership, said “Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership has been an active member of the National Young Rider Forum for a number of years and has helped develop this new website aimed at young riders.

“We hope it will be a great resource for young and new riders in Warwickshire and across the country to help improve road skills and spread road safety messages.”

Colin Brown, director of campaigns and political engagement at the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), said: “The benefits of motorcycling are too often overlooked in the rush towards active travel and public transport.

“I hope that this resource will deliver some much-needed support and encouragement to new and potential riders.

“There is a vast amount of investment into other sustainable transport modes, MAG is keen to back this warm welcome to the riding world for those beginning their motorcycling journey.”

Paul Oxborough, founding member of Mental Health Motorbike, said: “Starting your motorbike journey as a young rider carries a number of risks both to the rider’s pockets and the potential effect on their mental health well-being if they take unnecessary risks.

“The National Young Rider Forum is a powerful online resource that helps young riders make the transition towards becoming a safer and more responsible rider. This is a website that the team at Mental Health Motorbike are very proud to be supporting.”

As part of the move, the NYRF social media has been rebranded to the New Rider Hub.

New Rider Hub social media links:

25 April 2022

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