Motorcyclists ‘face disproportionate risk of theft’

A new report shows motorcycles were eleven times more likely to be stolen than cars in 2021.

Carried out by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the report estimates that 16,166 motorcycles were stolen last year, more than 25% of the total figure for all vehicles (63,304).

This is despite motorcycles accounting for just 3% of all vehicles on the road.

Another way of looking at the figures is that an average of 20 motorcycles were reported stolen for every 1,000 licensed.

This compared to 1.9 among cars.

MAG says the analysis “will come as little surprise to anyone that rides” – and has criticised the priorities of the National Vehicle Crime Working Group.

Colin Brown, MAG’s director of campaigns and political engagement, said: “As motorcyclists, we have to deal daily with the threat that our vehicles will be stolen.  

“I am disappointed that the National Vehicle Crime Working Group still openly states that its priority is cars and vans. Any other minority group exposed to such a disproportionate level of crime would see rigorous action.  

“We don’t receive a level of interest by the authorities that matches the scale of the risk riders face.”

The report uses Freedom of Information data from the nation’s 45 territorial police forces.

28 June 2022

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