Ride to work day

Are you going to ride your motorbike to work on Tuesday, June 11 – or encourage your workforce to do so?

June 11 is International Ride To Work Day, and its goal is help workers ditch the car or public transport for the day and realise how riding their motorbikes to work helps the environment, eases congestion and makes their journey easier and less stressful.

Ride to Work Day was originally launched in the USA back in 1992, and for years was held on the third Monday in June. However, the 2024 event is now on the second Tuesday in June.

It would be great if employers and employees could get behind the day, as motorcycles are a key part of a multi-modal and sustainable transport future, providing social, economic and environmental benefits in a world currently dominated by the car.

Increasingly, urban commuters are turning to motorcycles, mopeds and scooters as they can see they are a better bet than cars, buses or trains. They help reduce congestion, which creates massive economic benefits for the wider economy, while improving mental wellbeing as workers aren’t stuck in traffic queues on their way to work, fretting they’ll be late.

Bikes also reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in towns and cities.

So why not spread the word and let others know about the day?


If you are an employee…

We’ve already mentioned some of the benefits of using a motorbike, moped or scooter, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and congestion as we reduce the number of bulky cars on the road. But there are also big savings to be made on the cost of commuting if you swap a car for a motorbike, particularly if you have to pay a low emissions fee or to park. There are big savings on public transport fares, too, if that’s your usual way to the office.

In addition you will be lowering your personal carbon footprint, and helping clean up urban air quality


If you are an employer…

Would you like to help your team get involved with Ride to Work Day? Supporting two-wheeled commuters demonstrates your concern for the environment, and any support you give motorbikers on your team can be included in your company’s Net Zero plans, as powered bikes produce far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cars. Modern bikes also comply with strict limits on noise – and that’s before you take into account electric bikes, which are growing in popularity and availability.

If you already support your colleagues who cycle or walk to work, that’s great, but some of your staff may live beyond reasonable active travel distance.
Having a number of bikers on your staff is also a bonus if parking spaces at work are at a premium, as motorcycles, scooters and mopeds take up far less space than a car.


What can you do to help?

Start by surveying your staff and finding out if there are any obstacles to them riding to work. It could be they need a shower or changing area once they arrive, or need you to reorganise the car park to include secure spaces for motorbikes. Talk to local bike trainers to see if they could offer discounted rates on group CBT and advanced rider training courses.

Just by making it clear you are a ‘biker friendly employer’ could encourage more of your staff to take to two wheels.

So let’s all get behind Ride to Work Day; it makes sense for employees, employers, the city – and the planet.

Ride to Work Day is on Tuesday, June 11.

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