Ready for the football this weekend?

Ready for the football this weekend?

Should be a cracking Euros, with plenty of excitement, talking points and goals – and hopefully, something coming home other than anguish, regret and tales of missed penalties!

But the National Young Riders Forum (NYRF) is hoping that this summer, the only red cards are on the pitch, and they’re not handed out to bikers.

It has launched a safety campaign for the Summer of Sport aimed at the motorcycling community, asking us to stick to the law if we’re out and about during the tournament.

In particular the NYRF is worried some motorbike-riding football fans may get carried way if we’re watching the match in the pub or at our mates. We all like to celebrate a good win with a beer or two, but don’t mix it with a ride home.

If you are planning on celebrating, leave the motorbike behind and take public transport or walk, is the advice.

The NYRF points out that a failed breath test is a real own goal, and ends up in arrest, a hefty fine, a ban and possibly jail.

It’s the same penalty if you foul up with drug riding and fail a roadside test.

That’s before we start pointing out the dangers bikers run by riding while on booze or drugs.

The campaign is pushing other safety messages too. Let’s have no red cards for running red lights – that’s another big fine, points and a possible ban. And on positioning, listen to the manager – and the road signs. Ignoring a ‘Keep Left’ sign on a bollard and passing on the wrong side is a risky move that comes with points and a fine if caught.

So the message is, enjoy the football – but don’t let any motoring penalties coming home spoil it.


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