Junction safety

Junctions in the city: they’re everywhere!

We’re either riding past them, coming out of them or turning into them. And every one is a potential hazard…junctions are the number one spot for bike crashes.

On approach to a junction, always check whether anyone is preparing to come out. It’s our right of way but there’s no comfort to be had after being involved in a crash, in knowing you were in the right.

If we’re riding through familiar territory, there’s a danger we can become blasé about the hazard. A quiet residential street with little traffic on doesn’t mean someone isn’t going to come out of the next side road without looking for a bike.

If a car or van is waiting to pull out, ask yourself whether they have seen you. Are they looking down the road? Sometimes drivers can be lazy and have a quick glance, see no cars or vans and pull out. Try moving your road position marginally – the slight shift can make it easier for the driver to spot you.

If it’s you at the junction, never gamble on a gap. If you’re not sure whether it’s safe to pull out into the traffic… give it a moment and go next time.

On multi-lane junctions, get in position early, particularly for turning right.

If it’s a left turn ahead but traffic in the inside lane is slow, it can be tempting to pull into the overtaking lane, hoping to nip back in and still make the turn. But that is leaving too much to chance. Stick left, stay slow and make the turn in comfort, without any hassle.

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