A little game of ‘What if…?’

How can we steer clear of collisions while riding, assuming we're not pushing our limits with speed, recklessness, or impairment?

Every year, countless motorcyclists suffer injuries in crashes they feel weren't their fault.

Often, they're right; when other drivers fail to notice us or drive irresponsibly, motorcyclists usually bear the brunt of the impact.

So, what's our defence against becoming yet another statistic? How about honing our anticipation skills with a game of 'What If...'?

Before each ride, take a moment to envision potential hazards on the road. Picture scenarios involving other drivers and assess your current riding approach. Could you safely navigate out of a precarious situation if it arose?

  • What if a van pulled out of a side street without spotting you?

  • What if a pedestrian suddenly stepped into the road

  • What if a vehicle veered onto your side of the road around a blind bend or hill?

  • What if that pile of leaves concealed a hazardous pothole?

  • What if that darker patch ahead signaled an oil spill?

In essence, anticipate the worst-case scenario for every ride.

Is it overly cautious? Not at all. It helps us to maintain a state of 'conscious competence,' where we're prepared for any challenge.

Give it a try and share your thoughts.

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