A little game of… Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed how safer riders anticipate potential problems by playing a game of "What If...".

This involves imagining scenarios where other road users might act in ways that put us in danger, such as crossing the road unexpectedly, emerging from a side road when they shouldn’t, or straying over the white lines while overtaking.

Building on that, here’s another concise tip for safer riding…always look ahead.

While we all naturally look ahead when riding, the key here is to look far ahead. Bike trainers emphasize that the best way to improve any rider’s safety is to get them to look as far ahead as physically possible and use peripheral vision to monitor the closer surroundings.

Even the most experienced riders sometimes find themselves reacting to hazards instead of anticipating them. It’s natural to focus just ahead of the front wheel or on the tarmac a few dozen meters in front of us. However, it's far better to lift our heads and regularly scan the horizon to spot potential issues early.

As we ride, we should remind ourselves to "keep my head and eyes up" to observe what’s happening hundreds of yards ahead, if the view is clear.

We need to remember, while that distance may seem far, we cover it in just a few seconds.

What hazards could develop in that time?

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