Harrow campaign reminds motorists to watch out for motorcyclists

Harrow Council has launched a new campaign following a recent spike in collisions involving powered two wheelers (P2W) at specific hotspots in the borough.

The campaign uses raised lamppost banners to portray road safety messages – reminding motorists to watch out for motorcyclists.

Harrow Council says collisions with P2Ws typically occur at junctions and in situations where other vehicles are performing manoeuvres such as overtaking and u-turns.

The council hopes the campaign – designed to be ‘visually striking, clear, concise, easily interpreted but not distracting to motorists’ – will raise awareness about the vulnerability of P2Ws.

The artwork is being displayed at four priority hotspots – Harrow Weald, Hatch End, Marlborough and Stanmore – for a period of six weeks in conjunction with a push on the promotion of vouchers to encourage local bikers to take up a BikeSafe training course.

Jeffrey Sarpong, road safety officer at Harrow Council, said: “For awareness campaign purposes, particularly this one targeted at motorists, it was felt that a visual image was appropriate.”

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