Gaining an insight into London’s riders

In his latest blog post, Simon Rawlings, 2Wheels London’s resident scooter enthusiast, takes a look at the behaviour and attitude of the Capital’s riders.

Over the last 12 months, 2Wheels London has run a number of competitions, with the purpose of building a picture of motorcycling in the Capital.

The first, held in the summer of 2018, asked riders ‘what would be your safety tip for riding a motorbike or scooter in London?’ – with the majority choosing ‘wear protective clothing in all weather’.

A second highlighted riding habits, with 75% of riders saying they use their machine for both pleasure and commuting; 21% ride solely for pleasure, and 4% purely for commuting purposes.

The final competition, which asked riders about their experience, found that 27% of respondents have been riding for less than a year – while 21% have been riding for between one and two years.

In the blog post, Simon looks at the results in more detail – providing analysis of the figures.

Simon writes: “Over the past 12 months or so, the 2WL team have run a series of surveys to gain an insight into the behaviours and attitudes of London’s riders.

“Around 600 people have participated in the three surveys, so while this is only a small percentage of people who ride in and around the Capital it does provide us with an insight into riding behaviour.

“This snapshot tells us that the majority appear to be committed long-term riders who have a full licence and are riding bikes over 300cc – and who ride for both commuting and pleasure. 

“It may be that this demographic is more likely to respond to surveys and the behaviours of the younger scooter rider remains an enigma.

“We will however be continuing this research into rider behaviour to try and build an even bigger picture of the Capital’s riders.”

29 August 2019

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