A Licence to Net Zero

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has launched a new campaign calling for a comprehensive overhaul of how you obtain a licence to ride a moped or motorcycle, saying the current system is complicated, costly and increasingly places barriers in front of people wanting to take to two wheels.

The campaign – called A Licence to Net Zero – also highlights the environmental benefits of motorbikes, pointing out that increasing their use would reduce overall carbon emissions and pollution in urban areas, as well as ease congestion.

However, this progress is being stifled by the complex and often baffling licensing system in the UK, which MCIA says hinders growth in the sector and crucially, “has not improved road safety.”

Too much of the current system is out-dated and focused on the wrong goals, it adds. A new training, testing and licensing regime should be developed that is more in tune to the needs of new entrants to bike riding, with the goals of improving rider safety, accessibility and convenience.

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA, said:

“The time has come for a full-scale review of licensing requirements. The Government’s recognition of our sector’s role in decarbonising transportation is commendable, but we need the tools to make it happen.“

“We must shed outdated regulations in order to thrive. The complex licensing system remains one of the biggest hurdles facing our sector, hindering growth and road safety over the last decade.

“Our mission is a simple one: simplify sector access, promote accessibility and cost effectiveness, road safety, and accelerate the UK’s transition to net zero by 2050.”

Craig Carey-Clinch, executive director of the NMC, said:

“We share MCIA’s belief in the need for significant licensing reform via a comprehensive review of the current regime, particularly as intended benefits for road safety from the current regime have not materialised.

“Although there are some differences of detail in the NMC’s published proposals, both our positions on the fundamentals of licensing reform align and we are pleased to support ‘A Licence to Net Zero’ in recognition of our shared aspirations.”

You can read all about the MCIA campaign at www.mcia.co.uk/posts/licence-to-net-zero-press-release



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