Why choose an accredited motorcycle or scooter training school?

It makes sense that high quality training will lead to better riding, but not all motorcycle and scooter training schools are the same - so how do you know which one to choose?

You could try asking a friend, or ‘googling it’, but that won’t tell you much about the quality of the training, or the way the business is run.

However, if you look for an MCIA Ride accredited school you will know that all the checks have been done for you!

An MCIA Ride accredited school:

  • Will offer good customer service
  • Is safe and professional
  • Ensures you get the right length of time on the road and are taught with the correct staff/pupil ratios
  • Guarantees clean quality kit and a choice of automatic or geared bikes (if you’re intending to ride a geared bike DO NOT do CBT on an automatic ‘twist and go’).
  • Will ask for your feedback at the end of your training through a survey and will reward your efforts with a free ticket to Motorcycle Live (if you are training for a licence or a CBT).

There are currently 16 sites to choose from across London – these are either fully accredited or close to completing it.

This number is increasing as more training schools opt for accreditation as a way to show they meet high standards.

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